Keaton – Cable Promo Mix

The elusive Keaton, formerly of The Usual Suspects, drops a late 90’s to early 00’s mix for his upcoming appearance at London’s Cable night club.

Several members of The Usual Suspects played for us around the height of their popularity on Renegade Hardware. The first guest was Chris Lavin, but every other follow-up appearance was Keaton. He’s a nice guy and was patient enough to hang at my house while I hurriedly did my taxes before a show in 2001. I remember popping in a tape of his set at The End and it freaking him out a little, so he frantically tried to find the eject button because he hated to listen to himself DJ…I guess the same way some people hate hearing their own voice recordings. All in all he was a very cool guy and a perfect guest. Keaton: Cable Promo Mix by cablelondon

Hat tip to ThisiDrum&

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