Doc Scott & Irrelevant

Here’s a double dose of moody beats for a bitchin’ Friday morning.

First up is the 9th installment of Doc Scott’s Future Beats. He took a multi-month hiatus from the interwebs in order to craft some new music. I suspect one of two of those new tunes, if they’re finished, do appear in this mix. As is the case with all the FB mixes, there is no official tracklist, but the EDJ guys made a go of it in the comments. DOC SCOTT : FUTURE BEATS VOLUME 9 by docscott31

Next up, and not by any means irrelevant (see what I did there?!), is Irrelevant’s mix for The Daily Street. If you’re not familiar with Irrelevant’s work, then you owe it to yourself to check out No Love, Better Off In Me, and Eventide from his EP on Kokeshi entitled I’ll Be Ok. It’s pretty otherworldly stuff. 023: Irrelevant by The Daily Street

01. Blue Daisy – Distance (Once Upon A Time)
02. EPLP – Lanterns
03. Huzur – Ingrid
04. Eleven Tigers – Flux
05. Sorrow – Monochrome Dream
06. Synkro – I Miss You
07. Sweetheart Of Kairi – Approaching Farewell
08. Irrelevant – The Daily (Exclusive Track For The Daily Street Mixtape)
09. Irrelevant/Burial – Self Harm Vox/Kindred Intro
10. Akkord – The Drums
11. Stumbleine – Daydreamer
12. Speedy J – Tesla
13. Irrelevant – Eventide
14. Volor Flex – Senility
15. Ghostek – Feathered Skies
16. The Weeknd – Thursday (Irrelevant TDS Mixtape Ether Edit)

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