Doc Scott & MC Conrad – Live in Berlin 1996

I’m going to jump into the way-back machine for this set which I found while cruising around Soundcloud this morning.

By 1996, Doc Scott was full bore into the techstep trend on his own label, 31 Records, and the seminal label Metalheadz. He was also dropping epic tracks on Bukem’s Good Looking imprint, namely 1996’s Tokyo Dawn which was featured on the Earth Volume 1 LP. I would think that given the time frame of this mix, the atmospheric vibe through 3/4ths of it, and the fact that Conrad is on it, indicates that he was touring in support of the Earth album.

Given it’s age the recording is very good and Doc Scott’s mixing is very tight. Some of the highs are a little flat, but the bass still has plenty of punch. Conrad is himself and never strays too far afield from his normal lyric output, especially during this time when he and Bukem are becoming drum&bass icons. Doc Scott & MC Conrad – Live in Berlin (1996) by djmixes

01. Big Bud – Temptation [Creative Source]
02. Mirage – Personal [Odysee]
03. ? (Something on the “Music Box” LP on Full Cycle?)
04. Intense – Only You [Creative Source]
05. Alex Reece – Feel The Sunshine (? Remix)
06. Ed Rush – Check Me Out [Emotif]
07. Intensity – Generations [Basement]
08. In Sync – So Unique [Dread]
09. Photek – The Rain (Remix) [Razor’s Edge]
10. The Chameleon – Just Close Your Eyes & Listen [Good Looking]
11. Photek – Rings Around Saturn [Photek]
12. Innervisions – Inside Yourself [Reinforced]
13. Dillinja – Deadly Deep Subs (Remix Part 2) [Razors Edge]
14. ? (something by the No U-Turn camp?)
15. Photek – One Nation [Prototype, Sanctuary]
16. SOS (Digital) – Spacefunk (Remix?) [Timeless]
17. Intense – Positive Notions [Good Looking]

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