Daniel Billy Bunter – Strictly Underground 92-93 Old Skool

Time to step into the way back machine for a mix that’s been floating around twitter today. It’s Daniel Billy Bunter’s radio show mix from Kool FM London featuring a ton of old hardcore and early jungle tunes from 92-93. Hat tip to the Purrin Lion for the link!

Here’s a bit about Billy Daniel Bunter from Kool FM’s site:
Daniel was there from the beginning of Dance culture. Starting his 20 year DJ journey with seminal London party Labrynth where he remained Resident for 5 years until 1994.

Through out the 90s Billy Daniel Bunter wowed fans at the UKs most iconic parties: World Dance, Dreamscape, Helter Skelter, Raindance, Slammin Vinyl, Rezurection, Hardcore Heaven et all. As well as taking the World by storm: Asia, North America, New Zealand, Australia and the whole of Europe were all shaken to the foundation by the energy of a Billy Daniel Bunter DJ show.

As music radically changes, Daniel is always at the forefront of the fresh new sounds, and in the past 10 years can boast being in a very privileged position where his unique musical styles and 21 year fan base and reputation has seen him head line a diverse and exciting mix of the best parties in the world spinning: Old Skool, Rave Breaks, Hardcore, House and Hard Dance: Ministry Of Sound, Moondance, Polysexual, Frantic, Raindance, Slammin Vinyl, Bounce 2 This, Pams House, Fantazia, Uproar, HTID, Slinky, Sundisential, Euphoria, Heat, Pacha and 100s more the world over have continued to be entertained by Billy Daniel Bunter.

https://player.soundcloud.com/player.swf?url=http%3A%2F%2Fapi.soundcloud.com%2Ftracks%2F44195795 Billy Daniel Bunter Strictly Underground 92-93 Old Skool by Billy Daniel Bunter

Project 1 – Cant take the heartbreak
DJ Royal T & XL – Turntable Overload
Nick OD – Jazzy Hardcore
Ellis D – Dance Factor (Rennie P Remix)
The House Crew – We are Hardcore (Magic Fantasy Remix)
Jungles T – Hardcore will never die
Nick OD – Ruff Dub (Remix)
Noise Factory – My Mind
Black Ash – Cosmology
UG 08
Q Project – Freestyle Fanatic
Noise Factory – Mr Sulu
2 Da Core – Love Thy Brother
Nasty Habbits – Here come the drumz (Remix)
Aurora – Voice of Buddha
Boom Town Productions – All Rude Boys
Citadel of Kaos – Alpha 1
Q Bass – Deepa
Justice – Psycho
Connection – Different Story
Acen – Ready To Go
DJ Trax – We rock the most
Nebula 2 – Athemea
Kev Bird – This is a trip
Studio 2 – Dirty Games
2 Da Core – Run A Dub
The Untouchables – Feelings of Desire (Remix)
Red Alert & Mike Slammer – Don Gorgon Sound
Manix – Alright Wid Me
Buzzit – Must Get Dark
DJ Distroi & Boykz – Come wid it bad boy
D Force – Ruff
Tight Control – Hardcore Piano
DJ Inc & Meg Muffin – Untitled
Foul Play – Survival
Remarc – One for da Vibes
DJ Trace – Lost Entity (London Mix)
Babylon Time Warp – Durbon Poison (Little Matt Remix)
Origin Unknown – The Touch
Cool Hand Flex – Whiplash
Bizzy B – Twisted Mayhem
DJ Fokus – Chill Out
Cool Hand Flex – Ya Buzzing

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  1. Billy hunter was always such influence for me from my first rave at labyrinth in 1991. This man deserves such a medal and still continues to provide rave world what a absolute legend..big up bro..
    May your success continue your much loved by alot of people and will always keep my old tapes lol..😎❤ x


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