Genotype – Easter 2 Hour Special Mix

Hat tip to This Is Drum&Bass for the share.

I have serious tired-head and this mix is sorting me out today. The mix progresses from techy-rollers down into the minimal, atmospheric realms with a healthy dose of his own tunes. Genotype-Easter 2 Hour Special Mix 2012 (More Download Links Inside) by Genotype/JustJungle

Download Link

1. Genotype- The Strums- Dub
2. Manifest,Meth,2shy -R.N.S-Deception
3. Optiv and BTK-Jacknife-Demand Records
4. Genotype-Sign Of Madness-Broken Audio Recordings
5. Bad Company-Planet Dust-Prototype Recordings
6. Bad Company-The Nine-BC Recordings
7. Amit-Manic Mirror-Exit
8. Genotype-Vexface-Dub
9. Genotype and Manifest-Breakdown-Dub
10. Genotype-No Remorse-Dub
11. Loxy, Skeptical, Resound-Choose One-Cylon
12. Data-Endgame-Dub
13. Genotype-Self-Dub
14.Tom and Jerry-Maximum Style(Spy and DJ marky Remix-Tom and Jerry
15. Souljah with Cutty Ranks Limb By Limb Accapella-Fade 2 Black-Hardleaders
16. Genotype-Catwalk-Cylon
17. Heavy 1 and P fine-Thought Police-Yabai
18. Data and Alvarez-Talk Dirty-Dub
19. Amit feat Rani-You Look Better Dead-Exit
20. Heavy 1-Sinope-Dub
21. Ruffhouse-Classified-Dub
22. Thing-This Ends Now-Dub
23. Genotype-Mix Emotions-Dubs
24. Data-Dissent-Dub
25. Clarity-Fractured-Exit
26. Genotype-Freedom Writer-Dub
27. DBR feat Jett-Depth
28. Genotype-On The Inside-Cylon
29. Overlook-Call-Dub

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