Blu Mar Ten – Blood Pressure Mix

Who has two thumbs and is an unapologetic Blu Mar Ten fanboy that shills their music without being asked? This guy!

Anyway…If you’re not familiar with Med School, a Hospital Records off-shoot, then you should familiarize yourself with their other worldly sounds immediately. BMT created the mini-mix to showcase the artists and tracks on the recently released Blood Pressure LP, which includes their tune “Last Life In The Universe.”

From Hospital Records:
Following last year’s ‘New Blood’ compilation, Med School have looked to create something slightly different for 2012. Featuring a cast of both up-and coming artists and exciting producers who have already made a name for themselves, ‘Blood Pressure’ is a transfusion of Med School versatility, with releases reaching outside the limits of D+B and into 2-step and dubstep.

If the sounds strike your fancy, then click HERE to listen to previews or purchase Blood Pressure. Blood Pressure DJ Mix By Blu Mar Ten (FREE DOWNLOAD) by Med School Music

Anile & Hybrid Minds “Old Times”
Bulb & Clarity “Her Smooth Love”
TwoThirds & BadApple (ft. Veela) “Sense Of Being”
Bop “Impermanence”
Blu Mar Ten “Last Life In The Universe”
Anile & Dakosa “Ecstasy Dub”
Stickman “Pressure”
Lung, Joe Syntax & eleven8 “Red Rhythm”
Royalston “Carnivore”
B Cloud “Going Deeper”
Mutated Forms “Feels Like”
Barefoot “Murmurs

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