Alley Cat – Mix for Art of Beatz Radio

Alley Cat is one of my favorite people in the drum&bass scene. She came through Dallas many years ago on a tour with Digital and Daniel Savine and we had a great time. Despite some logistical problems involved with the show she was patient and friendly throughout (unlike someone else on that tour).

In addition to DJing, producing, and running ESP Agency, she’s also the label boss for Kokeshi (and formerly SkunkRock Productions), and a full-time mom. She’s pretty busy and yet continues to be very nice and accessible.

The mix was recorded for Art of Beatz Vancouver and features a wide spectrum of music. There are minimal styles of drum&bass, dubstep, and vocal downtempo-y stuff throughout. It makes for easy listening during a hard day at the office, which is exactly what I’m suffering through today.

If you like this mix you can hear more Kokeshi stuff on their podcast. Click HERE. Alley Cat ((Kokeshi)) Mix for Art Of Beatz Radio Vancouver by Kokeshi ((Alley Cat))

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