Shades Of Grey – Data Transmission Podcast


Shades of Grey are a collective made up of Owen Howells, Duct, Fybe:one and Trinomic. Starting life as a Brixton based party that eventually grew into a label that concerned itself with exploring the ‘grey areas’ between dub, house, techno and beyond. Now 3 releases in – most recently with Artemis – they’re steadily forging a name for themselves in dance music circles across the board, whilst still pursuing their own burgeoning solo careers.

With their core element remaining as bass, each of the members of the SoG gang bring a different element of music, adding texture, depth and curveballs to this exquisite mix they have turned in for Data Transmission, ducking, diving, twisting and turning through a range of exclusive tracks and tried and tested floor fillers. We’re pleased as punch to have this shadowy and creative collective on board as they explore the different shades of multi-stranded electronica currently keeping the capital locked down. Take it away boys…

Sum up this podcast in 10 words… 
Hench, Shadey, Ethereal And A Bit Of Everything Else Too…

What´s your personal favourite track on it? 
Owen: Nina Kraviz – Pain in the ass(alexxkid remix)

Fybe one: Duct – Love Crazy
Duct: Fybe one remix of Blasphemous love by Zelda Marshal

Trinomic: May I – Jamie Lloyd (Quarion mix)

What´s the special ingredient in this mix? 
Love? Fybe? Acid? The Internet? Booty?

What´s the best gig you´ve played recently? 
Fybe One: Church @ Corscica
Duct, Trinomic & Owen: Shades of Grey @ Plan B, for Warsnare’s EP launch

What have you got coming up?
On 02/03/2012 we’re celebrating Duct’s EP launch which is due out on 19/03/2012. On the night we’ve also got Hotflush’s recent signing Locked Groove down and the next week Shades of Grey host a Room 2 takeover @ Church – Corsica Studios.

Also, In the summer we’re planning a mini European tour with shows in Vienna, Paris, Berlin & Amsterdam.
Deptford (Stanky Remix) – Owen Howells
Dancing in the Leaves – Troy Gunner
Arrow (Feat. Koreless) – Jaques Greene
Add Lemonade – Shuffl & Craig Scott
Hi-Five – SleepyHead
Ruled By Your Emotions – Maddslinky
Fille –  Pale
Clotting – Deft
A Blasphemous Love (Fybe Remix) – Zelda Marshall
Unknown – Elson David 
Love Crazy – Duct
Unknown – Me-on Me-own
Baby Keep It Up – Olene Kadar 
Cubism – David Squillace
Pain in the ass (Alexkid remix) – Nina Kraviz
Undisputed – Dualton & Wollion
Get Serious – Audiojack 
May I – Jamie Lloyd (Quarion mix) 
Die 3 Millionen Musketiere – Dominik Eulberg (Gabriel Ananda mix) 
Dayz – Mathew Jonson 
Shades – Guy Andrews 
The Day You Left – Merveille & Crosson

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