Technicolour – Fabriclive Mix

1. Calibre ‘Windows’ (Signature)
2. Komatic ‘Make The Most Of Now (Technicolour remix)’ (Spearhead)
3. Technicolour ‘The Harp Tune’ (Fokuz)
4. Pennygiles ‘Au Revoir Blackbird’ (GLR)
5. Bungle ‘The Siren (feat. Ayah) (Bladerunner remix)’ (Spearhead)
6. dRamatic & dbAudio ‘6 Degrees’ (Mars)
7. Calibre ‘Hummer’ (Samurai Red Seal)
8. Technicolour & Komatic ‘Those Feelings’ (Shogun LTD)
9. Level 2 ‘No Time VIP’ (Liquid V)
10. Atom ‘Dolly (Lynx remix)’ (Sonorous)
11. Technicolour & Komatic ‘The Deepest Blue’ (Viper)
12. LSB ‘The Hurting’ (CDR)
13. Technicolour & Komatic ‘Ever After’ (Fokuz)
14. Spectrasoul ‘Alibi’ (Critical)
15. Logistics ‘Fibreglass’ (Hospital)
16. BCee ‘Keep The Faith (feat. Robert Owens) (Marcus Intalex remix)’ (Spearhead)
17. Icicle ‘Arrows’ (Shogun Audio)
18. Random Movement ‘Feeling Translated’ (Innerground)
19. Logistics ‘Gang Colours’ (Hospital)

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