Reid Speed – J’aime Le Dubstep Mix

If you hadn’t guessed by now, I’m not a huge dubstep aficionado. I appreciate some of the production by that scene’s producers and some of the cross-over from drum&bass artists, but on the whole I find it a little too slow and monotonous for my tastes. However, when Reid Speed does a mix I’m usually innit fully because a lot of her mixes seem to explore the entire spectrum of bass music. The last mix she did that I showcased on SB, Bass Fueled Mischief, was a stormer. It clicked with me because it seemed tickled my low-end funny bone with varying tempos and was not full of douchenozzle wobble wobble.

This mix was done for J’aime Le so all due credit to them for it. REID SPEED JAIMELEDUBSTEP 150 by Reid Speed

1. Tanka- LesGo (Hot & Heavy)
2. Kastle- I Know
3. Benny Page- Tempo (High Culture)
4. MJ Cole- Sincere (Nero Remix) (Prolific) **Ed. Note: wow. so used to the UKG versions that this sounds very strange to me
5. Nostalgia feat Aami- Say
6. The Bolivian Marching Affair- The Transporter (Play Me)
7. Kimia- Is This Love (Metaphase Remix feat. Splitbreed)
8. Addergrbroed- Science (Tsunami Audio)
9. Dirty Talk & Boy Kid Cloud feat. Messinian- Unruly (Play Me Too)
10. Addergrbroed- Fragile Hearts (Mechanoid Audio)
11. Cyberoptics & D-Jahsta- TX-55 (Play Me)
12, Dirt Monkey- Chicken Leg Riddem
13. Natty Bang- Shockproof (Smashed Beatz)
14. Bassist & Triage- Fat Sack (Play Me)
15. Liquid Stranger- Snap Crackle and Pop
16. Addergrbroed- Don’t Panic (Bovinyl Moosick)
17. Eptic- Jealousy (Chronos)
18. Dark Elixir- Retro Rejects
19. KTheory- I Feel You (Muffler Remix) (Dim Mak)
20. Kutz- Superman (Wheel and Deal)
21. Tyler Blue- Statement (Manufactured Music)
22. Kill The Noise- Kill The Noise Pt. 1 (OWSLA)
23. Adam Freeland- We Want Your Soul (Bassist & Triage Remix)
24. Playma- Destroy
25. Modestep- To The Stars (Break The Noise & Autobots Remix)
26. Steve Aoki & Rivers Cuomo- Earthquakey People (Alvin Risk Remix) (Dim Mak)
27. Denoiserzs- The Sun (Elektroskok Records)
28. Knife Party- Tourniquet
29. Zed’s Dead- Ruckus The Jam (Dim Mak)
30. Troublegum- Grain Damage (Play Me Too)
31. Duck Sauce- Barbra Windsor (Senseproof Dubstep Mix) (Hot Cakes)
32. Skit- Calling (Coalition Audio)
33. Shockone- Relapse feat. Sam Nafie (Viper)
34. Oiki- Get It Now
35. Kezwik- Gravity (Simplify)
36. Subfocus- Falling Down
37. Kill The Noise feat. Ultraviolet Sound & Emily Hudson- Dying (OWSLA)

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