Munga – Slow It Down Music 001

Hat tip to Prince Klassen for the link to this ripping disco/nu-disco mix!

First up in our guest mix series is a heater from our favourite disco peddler Munga.

The Brooklyn resident had us hooked since his wicked rework of Dynasty’s ‘Love In The Fast Lane’ – a track we truly ripped the backside out of last year.

A producer who dissects tracks to make girls move on the dancefloor; it’s fair to say we’re all over anything anything he puts out – this wicked mix being no exception.

We think 2012 will be a big year for the native New Yorker. 001 – Munga (Brooklyn, New York) by Slow It Down

1. I Can’t Get Enough of You / Gayle Adams 4:44
2. Happy Up Here (Datassette Remix) / Röyksopp 5:28
3. Badabing / Martin Brodin 5:33
4. Harvest Moon / Poolside 6:09
5. Into The Clouds / Heion 6:29
6. Spread Love (Munga Remix) / Fatback 6:17
7. Shake / Lou Teti 5:05
8. Lie Lost (Hot Toddy Remix) / Crazy P 7:20
9. Blood on the Dancefloor (Neighbour Acid Mix) 4:52
10. People / Gigamesh feat. Nicole Godiva 6:07
11. LoveAttack(Deep&DiscoDubAttack) / Tom Hooker 6:45
12. Don’t Fuck With My Money / Penguin Prison 4:11

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