Blu Mar Ten – Love Is The Devil

If you’ve been living under a drum&bass rock for the last few months, producers par excellence Blu Mar Ten are dropping their new album “Love Is The Devil” on Monday October 31st.

The album features a bit of everything in drum&bass from minimal to melodic to dancefloor stormers with a couple of, what I perceived to be, downtempo tracks thrown in for good measure. (A correction from BMT! @blumarten: interesting some it sounds downtempo. there’s only a 3bpm difference between any of them. the whole LP’s at the same speed!). “Made In London” is pure jungle, which Bailey has on rotation and that features, a very high, MC Rymetyme delivering the titular quote. The catchy, ethereal “Five Summers” has been heard in sets by London Elektricity, DBridge, Marky, and S.P.Y. for the last few months. Finally, I’m a sucker for vocal tunes so my personal favorites are “The Fourth” featuring vocals by Jennie Potts and the epic panty-remover, “Whisper” with Kirsty Hawkshaw.

I’ve long professed my man-love for all things BMT so I won’t bore you with that stuff again, but suffice it to say that you need to go out and BUY this album. It’s worth your hard-earned money.

Oh, I nearly forgot to mention that if you purchase the vinyl you’ll also get a CD, high quality MP3s, stickers, and the promo artwork.

Album Preview: Blu Mar Ten – Love is the Devil by Blu Mar Ten

The promo video to support the tour makes me wish that my promoter shoes still fit.

BMT Live Promo Video:

Want more BMT? Find their mix and podcast archive HERE.

**I confused “Five Summers” with “Love Is The Devil” in the original version of this post. I’ve edited it and corrected the error.**


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