The Weeknd Remix

If you read this blog with any regularity you know how high I am on Toronto R&B’er The Weeknd. Well here’s another gem from him, but this time it’s a remix of Florence and the Machine’s single Shake It Out.

**Please Note: This is a radio rip and not the full release**

From Death & Taxes Magazine:
Toronto based nouveau R&B star The Weeknd announced some time ago that he’d be remixing the Florence and the Machine single “Shake it Out.” Now the remix has arrived, and it sounds a lot like…The Weeknd.

The driving country-western backstep beat of the original translates well to the The Weeknd’s signature chopped and digitized R&B beat. Subtle changes turn the almost ebullient original into a dark and brooding affair that sidles up comfortably next to the tracks on The Weeknd’s new mixtape “Thursday.” Vocal filters make Florence’s voice sound affected and distant, and, unsurprisingly, the tambourine is gone.

Take a listen below.

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