Bailey – Live at The End 12-99

A special request for my fellow Covert Operative, Chrisko!

My friends and I caned the absolute shit out of this tape back in the day. It was in constant rotation on anytime we were in the car whether it was to head to a gig or a roadtrip. From the moment you press play it’s tune after tune of pure gold with MC GQ at his absolute best. I never saw a complete tracklist, but this was the first time I’d heard Grooverider’s remix of Rachid’s Charade (that will NEVER be released because Rachid is an idiot), the Inta Warriors remix, Cybin’s Roller, Danny Break’s Porn Star Style, and several tracks from the (unreleased at the time) Armageddon album on Renegade Hardware.

Unfortunately I lost the tape a few years back while trying to rip Side B for slightly better audio. It still makes me sad to see that picture above, but at least I still have the digital audio and can listen whenever I want.


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