Props to my buddy Andree for turning me onto Vondelpark via her Facebook page this week.

There’s not much information on the web about him, other than a rather terse interview on Viceland.com from August 2010. Apparently he’s from Surrey and not Amsterdam, but that’s perfectly alright. His music fits into the “future garage” sub-genre that’s been kick-started by guys like Burial because of his liberal use of 2-step kicks in Logic (per the interview). Vondelpark’s music fits that mold, but also contains a nice, jamming vibe that makes you long for the wistful days of summer’s past.

Other than the two tracks offered up for download on the Viceland article I linked above, the best place to hear his tunes is YouTube. I’ve linked a few of his videos below so you can hear a nice cross-section of them. Also, you can buy his Sauna EP here. Besides the aforementioned YouTube videos & Sauna EP, I’m not aware of any other output or available albums.

(the video is pretty creepy, imo)

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