Maceo Plex @ Ketoloco

I discovered a new site that specializes in long length videos of djs in clubs across the world. Its called DanceTrippin. The name is pretty cheesy but the videos are something to be seen.

The first video I watched was of someone I’ve followed as a producer and dj since the early 90s, Maceo Plex. He is a Dallas native who has recently moved to Spain to further his career in music. DanceTrippin’s slogan is “the party’s at your house” and I can actually relate to that statement because when I watched Maceo Plex’s video, there was a happenin’ little party in my cubicle at work. I listen to mixes all day long but I like being able to see what it was like in the club at the time the mix was recorded. It makes you feel like you’re there; nice little change up.

So here we go – Maceo Plex live at Ketoloco in London.

One last thing – around the 19 minutes someone bumped the tables. Its a minor mishap in comparison to how great the rest of the mix is. Enjoy.

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