Art of Noise – Drum & Bass Collection

After re-discovering this compilation whilst digging through an old box of CD’s I thought it’d be a good one to share, given it’s impressive artist listing.

If you’re not familiar with Art of Noise then take a gander at their wiki for some history.

Now that you have read up on AON’s history, you should know that the remixes do not have a lot to do with the original songs. A review on Amazon for the disk describes it pretty accurately.

“This is the electronica equivalent of a tribute album: Instead of gathering bands together to cover the songs of an influential group, here we have a bunch of more or less well-known DJs (including members of Goldie’s Metalheadz crew) remixing and reconstructing actual recorded works in their own image, namely with drum and bass (a.k.a. jungle) beats. In this case, the object of affection is Art of Noise, a clear forerunner to the current boom in sampled and spliced dance music.”

Some of the DnB luminaries that rework the tracks include Lemon D, J Majik, Doc Scott, and Dom&Roland. However, my favorite tune on the comp is the PFM remix of Opus 4. It is pure 90s atmospheric magic in my opinion…

All the MP3s in the compilation are encoded at 128k and they sound good enough to play out.

Art of Noise – Drum & Bass Collection

1. Something Always Happens [Doc Scott Remix]
2. Ode to Don Jose [Dom and Roland Remix]
3. Art of Love [Ils Remix]
4. Yebo! [Lightfoot Remix]
5. Opus 4 [PFM Remix]
6. Island [Seiji Remix]
7. Camilla: The Old, Old Story [J. Majik Remix]
8. Kiss [Haitian Vampire Mix by Digital Pariah]
9. Eye of a Needle [Lemon D. Remix]
10. Peter Gunn [Flyright Remix]
11. Crusoe [Aquasky Remix]

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