Andy C and Skibadee – Telepathy 1997

This particular set by the great and powerful Andy “Badboy” C embodied one of the more pivotal growth spurts jungle music went through in the mid to late 1990s. It was the lead set on one of the tape packs released by Telepathy from their series of drum n bass events in the UK, and went down in infamy as the set that put Skibadee’s name on the mouths of US drum n bass listeners.

Although we had previously gotten tastes of Stevie Hyper, most of us were used to more minimal toasting as per the styles of GQ, 5ive-O, Moose, Det, MCMC, and others. With Skibadee came the dawn of a new era, defined by the apparent freedom from the need to breathe between stanzas. Frankly, it flew in the face of most of what we had learned as MCs, breaking most of the conventional wisdom about things like not chatting over the DJ’s mix, and that the MC was the facilitator and secondary, and not the focal point of the set.


For nostalgia purposes only, I went ahead and gave the first side a listen while trying to type this out. I had to shut it off as I could barely hear myself think. Although at the time Skibadee and his MCing style were quite a bit of a novelty, even with my own 10+ year career as an MC in the 1990s and early 2000s I find this to be pretty unlistenable. Regardless, it’s certainly one for the archives, and needed to be pulled out and posted.

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