Groovology – Labor Day 2001

Greetings everyone. Several months ago Wes asked if I’d like to contribute to Shadowboxing, however, several “life events” have stalled my intro on here. Hopefully said events will no further interfere, but the realities of marriage/fatherhood/homeownership indicate this may be a start-and-stop relationship. Ask most people on the street what sort of music they listen to and you’ll likely get a stock answer of “I listen to everything” (especially in this iPod generation). I can’t say I’m much different, but when push comes to shove and I’ve had a piss poor day at the office, my genere of choice will typically be something of the “urban” variety…Jungle, UK Garage (and all offshoots such as grime, dubstep et al), Hip Hop, Funk/Soul and R&B. From time-to-time you’ll catch me on a House kick or getting back to my So-Cal Punk roots, but typically breakbeat oreinted music is where it’s at for me.

My first installment is a live UK Garage DJ set from right here in Dallas. This is the (in)famous “red disc” from the 2001 Labor Day installment of Groovology hosted by Valence Entertainment. Groovology is/was the longest running UK Garage weekly in Texas (and, I believe, the entire U.S.), featuring DJ’s Mundo, Mark J, Chrisko and MC’s Lifted & Tiny. Happening every Sunday night for several years at Home Bar, featuring both U.S. and international UKG talent. The night has since turned into a yearly New Year celebration event every December. This particular night/recording featured a special guest set from Oklahoma’s Daniel Rockwell (playing a 4/4 housier sound) and marked a significant turning point in Groovology’s popularity in Dallas. Prior to this night, there was a fairly steady following but nothing huge…this night the club was bursting at the seams (thanks in part to the Labor Day holiday on Monday). Groovology was consistently rammed since, until the slow decline of the 2-step sound that the night was built on.

This is a direct rip of the original disc, tracked & encoded to 320kbps MP3.

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