Two New Mixes of Old Atmospheric D&B

I was recently asked by Wes to make a mix of some Atmospheric D&B. The idea stuck with me since I’ve been wanting to do one as well. I basically went through my music collection and tried to find some stuff online. In the end I came up with two mixes, trying to put a little bit of my own spin on it. Both are on my Soundcloud page.

Backtrack (Part 1)

Omni Trio-Radio Sirus
Forme-Instant Space
Omni Trio-Beyond The Fundamental
Invisible Man-Timezone.1
Future Engineers-Mainframe
Omni Trio-Trippin On Broken Beats VIP
LTJ Bukem-Undress Your Mind
Control-Seven Days

Backtrack (Part 2)

LTJ Bukem-Coolin’ Out
Aural Imbalance-Astral Forest
The Shamen-Transamazonia (LTJ Bukem Mix)
Peshay-The Vocal Tune
Goldie-You & Me
PHD & Conrad-Reminiscent Rhythms
Helen T-Jakes Progress (Freestyle Mix)
Shiftee-Jazz Ass
Lamb-God Bless
Helen T-Diverse City


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