Marky – Jungle Classics Volume II

As Wes seems to be off relocating Burmese Pythons from the Everglades, this next post falls under my watch. With a nod to everyday junglist for the find, here is DJ Marky laying out a handful of old jungle tunes for your listening enjoyment.


Wax Doctor – The Heat
Pariah – Catalyst
Source Direct – Secret Liaison
Omni Trio – Together Vip
Hyper On Experience – East Coast Vibes
Carlito – Heaven
Voyager – Hypersleep [Original 97 Revamp]
Essence Of Aura – Northern Lights (Remix)
Omni Trio – Soul Of Darkness
Frank De Wulf – Drums In A Grip (Wax Doctor Remix)
Photek – Rings Around Saturn
Jmj & Richie – Free La Funk [Pfm Remix]
Hidden Agenda – “Is It Love”
Dj Crystl – Let It Roll
Tango – Understanding

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