Rinse, Flux, and Jamalski

Sometime in either 1997 or 1998, Vivian/Stareyes spent the summer in Dallas, and I came upon this tape in a shoebox in her car. Memories of the late 1990s have since proved elusive (as has the physical location of this tape), so I’ve spent a bit of time trying to figure out its origins. From my best efforts and conversations with a few friends, it appears the tape was a promo released by a crew called Champion Sound, containing this live set on one side and a House DJ’s studio mix on the flip.

This set has long been one of my favorites, and I would frequently queue it up in the car on the way to MCing gigs. It was my Barry White, so to speak, and worked better than Red Bull.

I’ve listened to and known of Jamalski for almost 20 years. As a youth, I caned the “Live Hardcore Worldwide” live BDP album, on which Jamalski makes an appearance (most notably on track 2, “Lick a Shot”). His array of albums, collaborations, live appearances, and even random YouTube videos have continued to stay on my radar.

But as I sat down to write this, I realized that I hadn’t heard the names “Rinse” or “Flux” in quite a long time. Compound Records has long been closed, and Google searches reveal not much of anything. But from more conversations with friends over the last month this post has been queued, it appears they went the same direction that most of us from the 1990s went when we moved on from jungle music: they grew up.

Without further ado, Rinse, Flux, and Jamalski:


  1. in my neverending quest to inject as much jungle culture into my young daughter’s life as I can, we have named a majority of her stuffed animals after jungle “super stars”…most notably her first Build-a-bear rabbit named “flux”.


  2. Rinse went to jail for over a year for beating the face of his girlfriend in (Miss Funk” from Seattle) and hasn’t shown his face since then (2005ish)

    I remember seeing him talk shit to some strangers outside “the spot” in Seattle and they beat him within an inch of his life (he had it coming). Dude had his jaw wired shut for months after that, but was still a fuckin prick to everyone.

    good riddance.


  3. I love seeing rinse/flux w/MC Jamalski at angels camp CA. The whole show was massive and for me and my friends it was awesome as Jamalski was pretty much busting rhymes to our little group. That night was crazy, even saw bad boy bill there. Good times.



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