Temah Launch Mix

Temah is a collaboration from labels Function, Backlash, OffKey & Voodoo to become one giant, brain melting super-crew.

In their own words:
Temah is a group of like minded electronic artists that have decided to join forces and promote their music. The crew really needs no introduction, Temah is made up of producers, DJs and MCs like Digital, Outrage, Raiden, Meth, Morphy, Kiat, Genotype and 2Shy MC and labels such as OffKey, Function, Backlash, Voodoo and its respective artists.

KMag article about the group

This mix was posted over a month ago and it’s not clear which one of the aforementioned DJ’s did the mix, but it’s top notch. 2Shy MC’s on the mix, but he doesn’t have a domineering style that kills a mix.

I suspect that the Temah website will be the place to hear all the new tunes prior to release so make sure to check it out often.

http://player.soundcloud.com/player.swf?url=http%3A%2F%2Fapi.soundcloud.com%2Ftracks%2F5615694&secret_url=false Temah Launch Mix 2010. www.temah.co.uk by TeMaH

1.Morphy – Shackles – Voodoo
2.Outrage – G Spot – Backlash
3.Keygenlog – Manhatten Project – Function
4.Raiden & Meth – Bob Nudd Project – Backlash Records 006 October/Nov 2010
5.Genotype – Real Deal – Offkey
6.Kjell – The Last Thing – Function
7.Raiden – Bogota – Voodoo
8.Digital – Rubber Neck – Temah
9.Outrage – Outpatients – Forthcoming Backlash
10. Raiden – Untitled – OffKey
11. Outrage – K Zero 9 – Outrage + Phil Source VIP – Backlash
12. Kjell – The Dynamic – Function
13. Raiden – Forbidden Fruit – Voodoo
14. Genotype – Mystical Mentality – OffKey
15. Outrage – Twisted – Backlash Records 005 OUT NOW
16. Meth – Perch (Raiden remix) – OffKey
17. Digital – Flogged – Forthcoming Function
18. Meth, Manifest & 2Shy – Rockforte – OffKey
19. Raiden & Meth – John Wilson Project – Backlash Records 006 October/Nov 2010
20. Digital, Outrage + Klose – Work For it – Temah
21. Morphy & Nasha Expirence – Indus Valley – Voodoo
22. Outrage, Aperture & Kirsty Hawkshaw – Strangers Eyes – Backlash

**Soundcloud has a tendency to max out downloads pretty quickly so I’ve put a re-up of the set HERE.


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