DJ Trace – Airport Techno Mixes

I always enjoy it when an artist steps out of the “norm” and starts repping different styles of music. Like DJ Zinc with his Crackhouse mixes, Noisia doing glitch-hop/electro, or Lenzman breaking down some 90’s hip-hop.

This time DJ Trace, who practically invented the techstep sub-genre of drum&bass with his remix of T Power & MK Ultra’s “Mutant Jazz” aka “The Mutant Revisted”, has recently released some very good techno sets via Soundcloud. I’m not a techno expert so I won’t try to qualify which end of the sub-genre spectrum these sets fall under, but they have plenty of bump in them. AIRPORT 9 by DSCI4 AIRPORT 9.1 by DSCI4

Right after I posted the links to the techno mixes I went back to the DSCI4 Soundcloud page and noticed he put up two Deep House sets that are worth sharing too.

Looks like the deep house mixes have been pulled down. Fortunately there are 8 other techno mixes and the Klubwize Summer Mix on the Soundcloud page. Get em before they’re pulled down too. Klubwize- summer mix by DSCI4

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