Erwtenpeller – War of the Worlds

This is a very interesting project which meshes dubstep and other bass music with Jeff Wayne’s version of War of the Worlds. I’ll let the project’s creator, Erwtenpeller, describe it.

“I did a mix for radical radio that undertakes a journey through different flavors of dubstep and other bass-related musics, all glued together with bridges composted of added samples and edited tracks.

A mix that uses Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds narration by Richard Burton, Phil Lynott, and David Essex. It follows the story arch and gives Jeff Wayne’s classic a fresh look.” War of the Worlds by erwtenpeller

Download here.


CHAPTER 1: The Arrival
1. Starkey – Drip (Creative Space)
2. Actraiser – Treasures Of The Deep (Unreleased)
3. Quantum Soul – Babylon I keep down (Z Audio)
4. Sykotic – Sykotic Stomp (Unreleased)
5. Distance – Fallen (Planet Mu)

CHAPTER 2: Massacre of Mankind
6. Bullet Bill – Within Range (Unreleased)
7. LeBelgeElectrod – Three Pitting of Syringe (
8. Substep Infrabass – Voices from God (Bass Punch Records)
9. Rakoon – Cloacking Device (Bass Punch Records)
10. 16 bit – PCP (Urban Essential Records)
11. LeBelgeElectrod – Because they don’t exist (

CHAPTER 3: The Earth belonged to the martians.
12. Distance – Loosen My Grip (Planet Mu)
13. Reso – Holograms (Pitch Black)
14. Black Sun Empire – Cold Crysis (Shadows of the Empire)
15. Netrik – Slime Factory (Unreleased)
16. Distance – Ska (Planet Mu)
17. Suspect & DoomTrooper – Feral Child (Prime Audio)
18. Genetic Krew – Stone (Bass Punch Records)

CHAPTER 4: Brave New World
19. Distance – Skeleton Grin (Planet Mu)
20. LeBelgeElectrod – Life is a Wobble Bass (
21. Suspicious Stench – I am what I am (Suspicious Stench)
22. Bar 9 – Pussyhole (Juno Records)
23. Caspa – I beat my robot (subsoldiers)
24. Disonata – Alpha & The Omega (Unreleased)
25. rdubz – Danger (Bass Punch Records)


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