A History of Our World

I get quite nostalgic about old mix CD’s from my halcyon rave days that have long since disappeared into the ether. The disks were either played into oblivion, loaned out never to be returned, or it just got up and walked away (like that one sock in the dryer). Today’s post is all about one of those old long-gone mix CD’s…

I purchased History of Our World Vol 1 (mixed by DJ DB) in the mid-90s from the $1 at my local used CD store. At the time I thought I was purchasing an as-yet-unknown funky breaks mix (which was the “in” thing in Dallas), but was pleasantly surprised that I stumbled onto an excellent jungle compilation instead. Hitting on rips of both disks recently has helped me re-connect with some pretty cool memories. I never physically owned Volume 2 because a copy was very hard to find at the time, but a friend had it and we listened to them back-to-back when traveling to shows.

Volume 1 was originally distributed by Profile Records in 1994, while Sm:)e Communications dropped Volume 2 in 1996 (& a re-release of Vol 1 at the same time). Both are credited to DJ DB for compiling and mix duties. The robot illustration on the original disk was pretty iconic at the time, and the follow-up volume stood out because of that bright, caustic green.

The first disk is all old-skool hardcore with classics like 4-Hero’s “Mr. Kirk’s Nightmare” and Omni Trio’s “Renegade Snares” included. The second progresses from early techstep to some jump-up then onto mellower atmospheric jungle.

Volume 1: Breakbeat Jungle Ultramix
Volume 2: The Rough & The Smooth

Download: A History of Our World Vol 1 & 2 mixed by DB
(Mega Upload seems to be having issues, here’s an alternate download location.)

I’ve combined both disks into one zip file (268mb) for download. Each mix is individually tracked and encoded at 192k.


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