One hour of Jonny L

Today we bring to you a fantastic mix featuring nothing but Jonny L tunes, by a guy who calls himself simply, “The Woz”. If you have time, check out the rest of his weblog, titled “The ear and drum”. It’s chock full of mixes featuring a single label or artist.

Jonny L has long been a favorite producer of mine, and The Woz gets major points by kicking off the mix with “I Let U”, an excellent and hopelessly underrated tune.

Check the tracklist, and download the mix here from his weblog entry:

Jonny L – I Let U
Jonny L – Techonic Cycle
Jonny L – Treading
Jonny L – See Red
Jonny L – Piper (Grooverider Mix)
Jonny L – Wish U Had Something (Remix)
Jonny L – Change
Jonny L – The Bells
Jonny L – Camouflage
Jonny L – Trouble
Jonny L – Let’s Roll
Jonny L – Part of U
Jonny L – Piper (The Clone)
Jonny L – Turn Up the Bass
Nasty Habits – Shadow Boxing (Jonny L Mix)
Jonny L – Hard Core

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