Double-shot of Noisia

Ten years ago some friends and I broke away from our old DJ/production crew in Dallas to form Covert Operations. To celebrate those years of Dallas Drum&Bass madness, we’re hosting a reunion show with Noisia on September 24th and I want to share two recent mixes by the Netherlands natives.

If you’re not familiar with Noisia then both mixes are a great primer into their sound which focuses on drum&bass, dubstep, and a bit of electro. Their new album Split The Atom was released back in April and is auditory awesomeness. Shellshock kicks much ass, and that sample in glitch-hop track Shitbox makes me giggle.

Oh and if you find yourself near Dallas, TX on September 24th, 2010 stop by the Lizard Lounge to say hello.

Noisia – Essential Mix 3.13.10

Noisia – Essential Mix Intro [Vision]
Noisia – Machine Gun (Amon Tobin Remix) [Division]
Noisia – Machine Gun [Division]
Noisia – Machine Gun (16 Bit Remix) [Division]
Phace – Absurd [Dub]
Noisia – End Of The River [Dub]
Rockwell & Zero T – Bone Structure [Critical]
Noisia & Joe Seven – Hand Gestures [Vision]
Noisia – Thursday [Vision]
Noisia – Deception (Essential Mix Edit) [Ram]
Foreign Beggars & Noisia – Contact (Noisia Remix) [Dented Records]
The Upbeats – Tor [Bad Taste]
Noisia – Leakage [Vision]
Amon Tobin – Kitchen Sink (Noisia Remix) [Ninja Tune]
Icicle – Anything [Tempa]
Spor – Pacifica [Dub]
Stephan Bodzin – Luka Leon [Herzblut]
Noisia – Alpha Centauri [Division]
Wolfgang Gartner – Firepower [Kindergarten]
Subfocus & Culture Shock – Move Higher [Ram]
Justice – Newjack (Noisia Essential Mix Edit) [Ed Banger]
Tipper – Cycles Within Cycles Within [Tipper Music]
Dorian Concept – The F’ing Formula [Nod Navigators]
Missy Elliott – Work It [Warner]
Bullion – Get Familiar [One Handed Music]
Marvin Gaye – T Plays It Cool [Tamla Records]
The Bar-Kays – Holy Ghost [Stax]
Noisia – Diplodocus [Vision]
Phace – Vintage [Dub]
The Upbeats & Teknik – Untitled [Dub]
Noisia & Phace – Floating Zero [Invisible]
Rockwell – Full Circle [Shogun]
Alix Perez – The Observer [Dub]
Teebee – Bioform [Certificate 18]
Abstract Elements – Wrong Way [Exit]
Noisia & Joe Seven – Ease Forward [Invisible]
Noisia & Spor – Falling Through [Dub]
Noisia – Silicon [Nerve]
Noisia & Phace – Mpd [Dub]
Noisia & The Upbeats – Creep Out [Non Vogue]
Noisia & Foreign Beggars – Soul Purge [Vision]
Noisia – Head Knot [Vision]
Amon Tobin – El Cargo [Ninja Tune]
Noisia – Whiskers [Vision]
Daft Punk – Aerodynamic [Virgin]
Noisia – Peacock Strut [Vision]
Noisia & Subfocus – Three And A Half [Dub]
Mr. Oizo – Last Night A DJ Killed My Dog [Mute]
Noisia – Red Heat [Division]
Daft Punk – Oh Yeah [Virgin]
Radiohead – Idiotheque [Parlophone]
Consequence – Feeling Like We Do [Exit]
Misanthrop – Shadow [Neosignal]
The Prodigy – Omen (Noisia Remix) [Take Me To The Hospital]
Dom & Noisia – Taijitsu [Dom & Roland Productions]
Noisia Ft. Giovanca – My World [Vision]
Spor – Aztec (Noisia Essential Mix Edit) [Shogun]
Noisia & Foreign Beggars – Shellshock [Vision]
Noisia – Stigma (Noisia Essential Mix Edit) [Vision]
Noisia & Amon Tobin – Sunhammer [Vision]
Noisia – Square Feet [Vision]
Opgezwolle – Dipsaus [Top Notch]
Noisia – Split The Atom [Division]
Foreign Beggars – Safedrian [Dented]

Second is the Triple J mix from Australian radio, original recorded on 05.08.2010. Download here Triple J Mix by NOISIA

1. noisia ft giovanca – my world (vision)
2. icicle – nowhere (jjj cut) (invisible)
3. noisia – deception (essential edit) (ram)
4. noisia & spor – falling through (jjj cut) (vision)
5. noisia – headknot (vision)
6. bse & dkay – bullet in the head (gridlok remix) (obsessions)
7. rockwell & zero T – bone structure (noisia edit) (critical)
8. noisia & alix perez – loose ends (dub)
9. noisia ft joe seven – hand gestures (vision)
10. alix perez – forsaken (noisia edit) (shogun)
11. noisia & phace – floating zero (invisible)
12. hybris – the cleaner (critical)
13. teebee – stolen documents (certificate 18)
14. stray – saturday (critical)
15. alix perez – the observer (jjj cut) (dub)
16. noisia – split the atom (division)
17. noisia – alpha centauri (division)
18. noisia – red heat (jjj cut) (division)
19. ZZT – Lower State of Consciousness (Justice RMX) (jjj cut) (label unknown?)
20. noisia – machine gun (division)
21. foreign beggars & noisia – contact (noisia remix) (dented)
22. the upbeats – tor (bad taste)
23. noisia – thursday (vision)
24. noisia – leakage (vision)
25. noisia & amon tobin – sunhammer (vision)
26. noisia & foreign beggars – shellshock (vision)
27. spor – kingdom (jjj cut) (lifted)
28. noisia & phace – stagger (dub)
29. noisia – stigma (jjj cut) (vision)
30. noisia – square feet (jjj cut) (vision)


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