Dreem Team – Essential Mix 1997

Originally recorded on Christmas Day 1997, this mix is the Dreem Team’s first appearance on The Essential Mix.

UK Garage was really in its infancy around this time, but its popularity was exploding and The Dreem Team were at the forefront of its transition into the spotlight. Originally rooted in a 4/4 “house-ier” garage sound, it became more of an R&B-fueled breakbeat in ’97-’98. The Dreem Team was at the head of the pack as they released dozens of mix CDs featuring their DJ talents.

If you want a more concise look at the origins of UK garage I suggest you check out the wiki. It has a pretty comprehensive look at it’s history, including the spin-off genres it birthed.

The Dreem Team – Essential Mix 12.25.97

PSG & Blue Jams – Dream Team Anthem
4 Deep Connection – Twisted Future
Ramsey & Fan – Love Is Serious
Gant – All Night Long
Y Tribe – Baby
Robbie Craig – We Can Make It Happen
Smokin Beats – Dreams
Smokin Beats – Dreams(Remix)
Ray Hurley – Your Love
M Dubs – Over U
Underground Solution featuring Color Girl – Tears
Jay Williams – Testify
Greg Stainer – My Weakness
D Influence – Hypnotise
Unknown – Champagne Bubbler
187 Lockdown – Gun Man
Somore – I Refuse
Sneaker Pimps – Spin Spin Sugar (Tiff Jam Bonus Beats)
Brand New Heavies – A Fried
Rosie Gaines – Closer Than Close
Amira – My Desire
New York Soundclash – Destiny
Antill Mob – Set You Free
Too Deep Records – untitled
Double 99 – Rip Groove
Keith Sweat – I Want Her
Outlander – The Vamp
Michelle Weeks – Dont Give It Up
Scott Garcia – Its A London Thing
Dreem Team – The Theme


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