DJ Patife – Cool Steps

Hello everyone! Just wanted to give a quick introduction to myself. I just recently joined Wes and Rumble on this site to help contribute some good music for your ears. I’ve known these 2 for quite some time now and have worked together in the past. I’m excited to be able to get on here and share some music I have in my collection. I’m into a wide spectrum of music, so expect to see some different genres on here. I’ll put up some mixes I’ve done over the past few years to share as well.

My first post on here will have to be a mix that has a lot of meaning, and influence for me. I think I listened to this mix over and over. It really opened my eyes and ears to more soulful music. Also I remember seeing him at WMC 2003, on a beach with the ocean wind blowing in my face. It was probably one of the best shows I’ve seen.

1. Torch of Freedom [DJ Patife & Cosmonautics Remix] – Source, Cleveland Watkiss
2. Go Go – Trüby Trio
3. Revisited – Bad Company
4. Só Tinha Que Ser Com Você [Cosmonautics Remix] – DJ Marky, DJ Patife, Fernanda Porto
5. Future’s Call [Makoto Remix] – MC Conrad
6. Way I Feel – John B
7. Just a Groove – Special Touch
8. Pure Funk (From Us to You) – Solid State
9. Grooves, Ritmos, Sons E Vinhetas – DJ Patife, Jairzinho Oliveira
10. Esfera [Cosmonautics Remix] – Technozoide
11. Wishing Well [Danny Byrd Remix] – London Elektricity
12. Jam Session – DJ Patife
13. Supergrass – Carlito & Addiction
14. 81 Is the Number – Georgia Brown, DJ Patife, Salazar
15. Sambassim [DJ Patife Remix] – Fernanda Porto


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