Warm Communications – May 2010 Promo Mix

Amarillo, Texas-based drum&bass label Warm Communications offers up a really great promo mix this month.

I was neck deep in the Texas drum&bass scene for many years, but due to the distance between Dallas and Amarillo (a 6+ hour drive), I wasn’t really aware of the Warm Communications label. I’d see a tune pop-up on occasion, but I never imagined that such great drum&bass was coming out of a town known more for a 72oz steak than it’s music scene. Shame on me for my ignorance. The Warm Communications discography (which has featured heavy hitters like Seba, Polar, and ASC) is approaching its 16th release and all of them are top quality tunes. Most of the early tracks fall more towards the atmospheric spectrum but recently it’s shifted focus to a more minimal, esoteric bent. This mix is a solid effort at the current end of that sound.

Find out more about Warm Communications at Virb, Soundcloud, and Myspace.

Warm Communications May 2010 Promo Mix by Warm Communications

1. DJG – Hydrate (Consequence Remix) – Warm Communications
2. DJG – Hydrate – Warm Communications
3. Circa – Zone – Dub
4. Fracture & Neptune – Dustball – Astrophonica
5. System – Short Circuit – Dub
6. Dan Habarnam – One Note Bass – Dub
7. Sam KDC – Sepia – Dub
8. Sabre – Peril (Stray Remix) – Critical
9. Rockwell – Reverse Engineering – Lartsekrad Dub
10. Need For Mirrors – Pantone – Dub
11. Pearson Sound – Down With You – Darkestral Galaxicos Dub
12. DJG – Be Here Now – Warm Communications Dub
13. Scuba – Tense (DBridge Remix) – Hotshore
14. June Miller – Converge – Horizons
15. Unquote & Mr. Sizef – The New Story Begins… (Synkro Remix) – Warm Communications Dub


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