Planet London 1997

I know I’ve been on a drum&bass bender for the last few posts, but that isn’t something I’ll apologize for…I’m listening to a lot of older sets in my collection and that is reflected in what I post to SB. Once I hear something else in another genre that’s killing it for me then I’ll be sure to share.

Here is another complete tape pack from 1997 that’s been making the rounds the last few weeks. The sound quality is very good to excellent on all the recordings and each recording has a wide variety of tunes from across the genre.

– The Kenny Ken set is surprisingly dark, especially in the latter half of the mix after he rinses Alex Reece’s “Pulp Fiction”.
– Hype is Hype…he was balls deep in the jump-up sound and just does his thing.
– Krome is kind of interesting because of the novelty (best known for The Slammer). He was not a regular DJ on any of the bigger recordings from this time period, but fits in with an all jump-up mix. I did like hearing Special K’s “Danger” though!
– Dr. S Gachet’s set is easily my favorite…he plays a bunch of super dark tech-step (ala Penny Black & No U-Turn). Despite their popularity now it was rare to play a lot of those records out to big clubs and hearing this mix was a nice change of pace.

DJ Sets:
DJ Hype
Kenny Ken
Mickey Finn
Ray Keith
Dr. S Gachet

MCs are Rage, Junior Red, and Ragga, but you don’t hear a lot of them. It sounds like they were turned down, or off, during most of the night. What you do hear is pretty solid and none of them ride over the mix.

Planet London 1997

Sound Quality: excellent
Filetype: zip/mp3
Size: 544mb
Bitrate: 179k

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