Free Music Post

Knowledge Mag, the fine bloggers at Everyday Junglist and Dubplate Digest have supplied most of these links, but I wanted to try and condense what’s available into a single post to make the music easier to obtain. Most of the producers will be new to you and some of the music is a little leftfield of normal DnB, but that shouldn’t scare you off. I hope you find something enjoyable and we can help the artists gain a few new listeners.

A couple points of interest:

1. Some of the links could die at any moment so don’t sleep. As of today (April 29, 2010) they’re all active.
2. On the Soundcloud links just look for the little Download button in the player.
3. Some sites will require you to “right click, save as” or register to be sent a download link. I’ve tried to notate what’s required next to the link.

dBridge – Lost Shadow

Teebee – Destiny (Unreleased)

Outrage – AWOL (requires registration)

Basher – Delinquent

Justice & Metro – Ricochet

Hall & Oates – I Can’t Go For That (ATP DnB Booty Mix) (right click, save as)

Jay Z (Feat. Pharrell) – So Ambitious (ATP DnB Booty) (right click, save as)

S13 – Free Yourself EP

Elite Force – Remixes of Deadmau5, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and The Gossip (requires registration)

The Cinematic Orchestra- Breathe (The Burbs DnB bootleg)

Duo Infernale (4 tracks) – The Deep, Playing Games, Midnight Star, The Enlightenment (right click, save as for each)

SKC, Longman, & Bratwa – Rollercoaster

Scuba – Before Trangulation

Illfingas – Digital Affliction EP (right click, save as)

Dub Phizix – Bacon (A Love Story) (download it just for the name!)

Hex – Adrenaline (right click, save as)

Ash & Kiat Diablo EP (love this too, supposed to come out on Metalheadz but never did)

Sinnistar – Dill

Skitty – Joy

CJ Weaver – Subway EP (right click, save as)

Wedge & Aesoteric – Use Only As Directed (right click, save as)

Quadrant – My Beautiful Live VIP (this one’s a stormer!)

Subtle Audio Recordings full discography

Dakosa – Pseudo Science

Meth – Street Biz (right click, save as)

Naibu – Doubts (Instrumental Mix)

Absys Records entire catalog

Shift – Koji

Subterra & Dekko – Impulse

Plain Audio entire catalog

Enjoy – Edges & Grooves EP

Ben Kama – Force of Nature

Ben Kama – Tomorrow (LUSH!)

Secret Society – Timesplitters (right click, save as)

Beat 70 – 12 free tracks

I.D. & Badginba – Bass Music Sessions LP (make sure you read all the posts about the Diary of a Free Album project)


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