Grooverider – Hardstep Pimp

This mix has the most unfortunate name of any set we’ve posted to Shadowboxing so far. I’m going to guess that back in ’95 there was a lot of weed and some high-pitched giggling involved when they conceived the name…

Anyway…here’s Grooverider – Hardstep Pimp 1995


1.Aquarius – Dolphin Tune
2.Ray Keith – Terrorist (Grooverider Hardstep Mix)
3.MA2 – Hearing Is Believing
4.Alex Reece – Basic Principle
5.Cool Hand Flex – Melody Madness
6.Bizzy B -16 Track Ting
7.Doc Scott – Far Away
8.DJ Nut Nut – Special Dedication
9.Dread Bass – Baby Tears
10.DJ SS – United (Grooverider Mix)
11.Roni Size – Phyzical
12.Codename John – Kindred
13.Sponge – Shabbutz
14.Bukem – Horizon
15.Undercover Agent – Oh Gosh
16.Deadly D – Listen Dis

Sound Quality: good
Filetype: mp3
Size: 86mb
Time: 1:01
Bitrate: 192k


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