Blu Mar Ten – Household Management Mix

I’ve yet to hear a Blu Mar Ten track I didn’t think was complete genius. Their early Good Looking/Looking Good/Ascendant Grooves stuff, like Global Access or She Moves Through, is legendary in the pantheon of atmospheric drum&bass.

Their latest effort, Natural History, was one of my favorite albums of 2009. It featured some of their signature sound, but also displayed a harder edge with rollers like Close (VIP) and included the only atmospheric dubstep tune I’ve ever heard, By The Time My Light Reaches You I’ll Be Gone. Do yourself a favor and go buy a copy. Details here.

To promote their North American tour this summer they put together a fresh D&B mix for Household Management. I’m a few days late on posting it to SB, but it’s been in rotation on my iPod since they dropped it on April 9th. Blu Mar Ten – Exclusive Household Mgmnt Mix – April 2010 by Blu Mar Ten


Nothing Makes Any Sense (Blu Mar Ten remix) – Bop
Human Thinking – Justice & Metro
When She Sleeps – Parhelia
Anxiety – Nusense & Grimm
Fine Print – Airwalker
Song About My Dog (Subwave remix) – Bop
Siberian Drift – Glen E.Ston
Sabotage – Linden
Unexplained – Oceanic State
Particles Moving – Mr Distance
Endless Addition of Zeroes – Dan HabarNam
Turn Up the Music – Camo & Krooked
Hiding Place – Kharm
Basic Substance – Abstract Elements
Rebel Music – Soul Intent
Break Point – Sunchase
Porcelain – ASC
Big Sky – Airwalker

If you’re not feeling the drum&bass mix then I recommend you download one (or all!) of the sets below (tracklists here)

Blu Mar Ten – Latin Jazz Mix

Face of the Earth Mix (downtempo/chill/ambient)

Made With Love (downtempo mashup)


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