Moving Shadow – Past > Future Mixtape

Back in the 90’s, DJ Magazine would give away a promotional mixtape with every issue. It was always a hunt anytime I went to buy a copy because you had to track down the one issue in the back of the rack that still had the tape in the cellophane wrapper. Usually I’d be disappointed to find that the tapes had already been pilfered then it was off another book store to find one intact.

In my opinion, the best of these tapes to be offered by the magazine was the Moving Shadow Past > Future mixtape. I’ve never seen any information on who actually did the mix, but I would assume it was label boss Rob Playford aka Timecode. The mix is a “Greatest Hits” shot of Moving Shadow’s biggest tunes. It starts with the label’s mellower sounds before working its way up to a few classic tech-step bangers. I wore my original copy of the tape out, but thanks to the glory of the internet I can listen to this little slice of the past forever.

Moving Shadow – Past & Future Download Link


JMJ & Richie – Montana
Hoax – Incident
Omni Trio – Trippin On Broken Beats (V.I.P.)
JMJ -Gravitational Pull
E-Z Rollers – Retro (Guardians Of Dalliance Remix)
Kudos – East Coast Vibez
Deep Blue – The Helicopter Tune
E-Z Rollers – Synesthesia
Dom & Roland – Dynamics (Technical Itch Remix)
Neo-Tech – Valves
Deep Blue & Blame – Transitions (Dom & Roland Remix)
Technical Itch – The Virus
Rob & Goldie – The Shadow (V.I.P.)


  1. Fucking agree there. Was a mint tape. really introduced some new sounds to me. Was mainly into house (from up north)but my girlfriend was into happyhoue. This represent a much needed new direction for me. preferred the mellow side. Thanks for this, have been reunited and can now find on youtube!


  2. By the way, been looking for a drum and bass tune that had probably the most kick ass bass line ever.

    All I can remember of the tune are the repetitive lyrics of a deep voiced dude singing ‘I am I am I am I am’.

    A long shot I know but I’d love to find it. I try and hum it to anyone that will listen!


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