Nerm – DOA Mix

Nerm steps up with a new mix for DOA. It’s a bit different, in Nerm’s own words “It was done with Electro East in mind and features a few tracks that you’ll find on other mixes I’ve done. I thought, “ah, what the hell” because some of DOA readers may not have heard them before.” (Source)

**The direct download link doesn’t seem to be working. You can still get the mix, but you’re required to go through DOA first. Click this LINK and scroll to the bottom for the download.


01 Subfocus – Spalsh (Ram)
02 Ges-E & Shandy – Dil Se (Nasha)
03 Ant Miles & Moving Fusion – Mass Hysteria (Liftin Spirits)
04 Shiva Soundsystem – Mumbai Cells ft Buzz Singh (Shiva Soundsystem) (ed. note: THIS TUNE IS A KILLER!)
05 D-Code & Chan1 – Glitterstep (Shiva Soundsystem)
06 Silent Source & D-Code – Babylon (Final)
07 The Nasha Experience – Dayam feat Swati Natekar (Nasha)
08 AR Rahman – Mumbai Theme (Bandish Projekt Remix) (Dub)
09 Randomer – Seeing Angels Redux (Dub)
10 Ketz – Kali Mataha (Dub)
11 Nuphlo – Disciple (Nasha)
12 REDS & Randomer – Standoff (Dub)
13 NotioN & Hobzee – Hidden Life (Celcius)
14 Spectrasoul – Guardian (Metalheadz)
15 Randomer – Appetite (Med School)
16 Midival Punditz – Tonic (Nucleya Mix) (Six Degrees)
17 Nuphlo – Treasure Beyond Measure (Nasha)
18 Blu Mar Ten – If I Could Tell You (Blu Mar Ten)
19 Commix – Midas Touch (Soul:R)
20 Shiva Soundsystem – Mumbai Cells (V.I.V.E.K R.E.M.I.X) (Shiva Soundsystem)
21 Linden – Frogdarts (Nerve)
22 Marginal – Style Is A Cage (DubKraft)
23 Subterra & Dekko – Bonsai Run (Dub)
24 D-Code & Chan1 – Erotica (Shiva Soundsystem)
25 D-Code & Chan1 – The Rebirth (Shiva Soundsystem)
26 Sparfuunk & D-Code – The Apocalypse (Terrafunk)
27 Silent Source & D-Code vs Shaa’ir & Func – Finger Puppets (Shiva Soundsystem)

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