Ragga Scum – History of Ragga Jungle Vol. 1: The Congo Natty Dynasty

I have a special fondness for ragga, not because I still listen to it or expect a ragga revival. Let’s be clear, it lived and died in the mid 1990s. I’m fond of it because this is the music that grew up jungle music and made it a distinct sound. Congo Natty were on the forefront of that sound, and it’s fitting that they be the ones to release a mix to commemorate some of these tracks.

Special thanks to Dubplate Digest for the heads up.


Congo Natty – Borderline Mobster
Conquering Lion – Code Red (94 Remix)
Blackstar – Kunte Kinte (Original Junglist)
Congo Natty – Boom Bye Bye
Knowledge and Wisdom – I Gets Down
Blackstar feat. Tenor Fly – Alaska Ride (Original Dubplate)
Tribe of Issachar – Fever (Defending Souljah)
Tribe of Issachar feat. Peter Bouncer – Junglist
Terry T – Unity is Strength
Tribe of Issachar – Wardance Millenium
Congo Natty – Gall: Knowledge is Found in the Secret Place
Top Cat – Bunn the Sensi
Congo Natty – Jah No Dead
Congo Natty – Ras Bingy Man
Congo Natty – Stevie Hyper D Tribute

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