Future Garage

As of 2009, UK Garage has been making a comeback. “Future Garage” is a catchall term for producers/DJs, mostly associated with the Dubstep scene, creating new sounds with the UK Garage template. It can be seen as a reaction to macho/aggressive and swing-less Dubstep domination in the clubs.

On the forefront of the future garage movement is Whistla of Sub.fm. After reading the future garage manifesto, check out his mix below.

Whistla – Future Garage – An Introduction


Submerse – Everything Around Us [L2S Recordings]
Synkro – Everybody Knows [Smokin Sessions]
Clueless – Secret Love [forthcoming Night Audio]
Sully – Phonebox [Frijsfo Beats]
Whistla – What You Want [L2S Recordings]
Sines – Love Becomes She [Untitled!]
Submerse – Forgive Me [forthcoming Night Audio]
Burial – Unite [Soul Jazz]
Whistla – Steelface [L2S Recordings]
Kanvas – Next [forthcoming on L2S Recordings]
Duncan Powell – Care 4 Me (Whistla Remix) [forthcoming as a free download from http://thepushep.blogspot.com ]
M2J – Blue Tone [L2S Recordings]
Littlefoot – Alien Wet Dream [L2S Recordings]
KingThing – Trapped [forthcoming on Night Audio]
Naphta – Soundclash (Grievous Angel Remix) [forthcoming on Keysound]

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