Jazz Jungle Compilation

I found this rip of an old compilation CD from 1996 while browsing a forum I frequent regularly. I initially grabbed it for the clean copy of T Power’s classic “Mutant Jazz” which was missing from my collection. However I was pleasantly surprised to find that every track on the compilation was top notch. The five tracks from the supremely underrated B.L.I.M and Click ‘n’ Cycle are killers while MC Det’s “Freeform Reality” is a gem. It is a complete departure from what you’ve heard from him on live event recordings for a million years.

The compilation is unmixed and all the tracks were encoded at 320k so they sound excellent and could easily be slipped into a mix today.

Jazz Jungle – A Collection of Metamorphic Beats & Breaks

Tracklist from discogs.com:

1 B.L.I.M. – Jeamland 5:01
2 Click ‘n Cycle – Amerikas Problem 5:05
3 Click ‘n Cycle – 3 Minute Traffic Jam 3:26
4 MC Det – Freeform Reality 4:38
5 B.L.I.M. – Close Enuff For Jazz 7:10
6 Unguided Lights – Byrd On A Trane 6:02
7 Morph – Mendez 6:49
8 Click ‘n Cycle – 125th Street 5:21
9 T.Power vs MK-Ultra – Mutant Jazz 6:23
10 Ed Solo – The Danger 6:22
11 Sneaky – Inversion 7:17
12 Unguided Lights – Discover 4:46

Filetype: zip/mp3
Size: 151mb
Bitrate: 320k


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