Old School Jungle Super Post

I’ve tossed around the idea of a super jungle post for awhile and finally decided that it needed to happen. So I spent about five hours pooling a few of my favorite old school jungle sets from the last decade that I feel are really worth sharing.

The audio varies because of the age of the recording or the original source material. Some are encoded at really high bit-rates while others might have some hiss and pop. However all of the sets fall into the range of “good” to “great” sound quality.

**Links re-upped and streams added on 4.15.15

DJ Hype – A Mixed Up Joint (1993)

Dieselboy – Supreme (1995)

Mickey Finn – Mix Magic (1993)

Fabio – The Orbit (1992)

Roni Size – Live @ Jungle Quake w/ MC Dynamite (1995)

DJ Dara – Bass 2 Dark (1995)

A Guy Called Gerald – Essential Mix (1995)

Bailey – Intelligence (1995)

Andy C – Live @ Dreamscape 23: A View To A Thrill w/ MC Fearless (1996)

Brockie – Live on One In The Jungle w/ MC Det (1995)

Doc Scott – Live @ Metalheaz – The Blue Note w/ MC Justyce (1997)

LTJ Bukem – Essential Mix w/ MC Conrad (1995, Parts 1 & 2)

Kenny Ken – Hardcore Junglistic Fever Mix w/ GQ (1994)


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