A.W.O.L – Live in London 1995

An all-time classic. If there were a Hall of Fame for jungle, this mix would be a first ballot honoree. You can’t go wrong with the biggest names of the day (Randall, Kenny Ken, Mickey Finn, Darren Jay, & Dr. S Gachet) playing back-to-back VIP mixes all night. I still hear those horns in my dreams. GQ and Fearless handle the MC duties from start to finish.

Listen to this one with plenty of low end.

“Ministry massive watch as we rinseout!” – GQ

**Note…I’m getting reports that the set on Soundcloud has no bass in it, if that’s the case download the original from the DOWNLOAD link just below.**



1 DJ Biggs – The Hunter
2 Splash – Babylon
3 Northern Connexion – Reel Funk (A.W.O.L. V.I.P. Mix)
4 P-Funk – P. Funk Era (V.I.P. Mix)
5 Randall & Andy C – Sound Control (A.W.O.L. V.I.P. Mix)
6 Cool Hand Flex – The Melody Madness (V.I.P. Mix)
7 Dark Man* – Dis Sound Ruff
8 Kenny Ken – The Pied Piper (A.W.O.L. V.I.P. Mix)
9 D.R.S. – Everyman (A.W.O.L. V.I.P. Mix)
10 Dr. S. Gachet & Audio Maze – The Dreamer (DJ Aphrodite V.I.P. Mix)
11 Prizna – Fire (Dr. S. Gachet V.I.P. Mix)
12 Dr. S. Gachet & Audio Maze – Touch My Toes (Dream Team V.I.P. Mix)
13 Aladdin – Mash Up Yer Know (V.I.P. Mix)
14 Mickey Finn* & Aphrodite – A.W.O.L. (V.I.P. Mix)
15 L Double – Da Base 2 Dark (Mickey Finn Special Mix)


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