Redlight & Vera

Today is about variety, so here are two entirely different types of dance music to satiate your Monday music appetite.

First up…Redlight, aka DnB/clownstep producer Clipz, who reinvented himself with a super bass, heavy rave revival sound. To me, it hovers in that gray area between dubstep, breaks, and old skool hardcore.

Rumble profiled him back in November with his tune Feels So Good. This is an older 20 minute promo mix released last year to showcase his new direction as a producer (although I’m sure “Clipz” isn’t done yet). REDLIGHT – Showcase Mix 2009 by Redlight UK

The soundcloud wave player is showing up intermittently right now. If you can’t see the wave above then listen to it on his SoundCloud page HERE

Next is Germany’s Vera with a really melodic deep house mix. It was released as a promo mix for her appearance at a recent Fabric night in London.

It’s always unusual to hear this kind of music played in the UK, because their version of deep house is very different from our own. It tends to slide more towards trance than the West Coast house we’re familiar with in the States. Vera fabric promo mix by fabric


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