Wu-Tang vs The Beatles – Enter the Magical Mystery Chambers

What is it about The Beatles’ music that makes for such excellent hip-hop mashup fodder? A lot of folks would say that Danger Mouse’s “Grey Album” broke the mold and that this is just a re-hash, but I’d disagree…I think this album kicks it up a bit.

Tom Caruana is the “Danger Mouse” this time and it’s being distributed via the Tea Sea Records website. You can pick from three versions: a full vocal version, an instrumentals version, and the tamer radio edits. Obviously the un-edited version gets the heaviest listen, but I think the instrumental plays extremely well.

The downloads require a quick registration, but it’s painless.

Looks like Tea Sea took the page down, so it’s been re-upped HERE and HERE.

Wu-Tang vs The Beatles – Enter The Magical Mystery Chambers




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