DJ Timestretch – This Style

To visit the US sound a bit, we’re bringing you a mix by the DJ Timestretch, originating out of Boston. Timestretch, after moving to the US from the UK in his late childhood, went on to form Advance Recordings alongside myself and several others. Advance was one of the first all drum n bass record labels in the United States, starting back in the mid to late 1990s. The Advance crew also spearheaded AdvanceFM, the first all drum n bass RealAudio broadcast in the US.

“This Style” is a 1996 class jump up mix showcasing the most upfront tunes of that sound at the time.

**Editor’s Note: Our link to the download was removed when MegaUpload died. Here’s a link to the Rave Archive’s rip.

a side
aladdin (aphrodite) – mash up ya know
aphrodite – bass lights
johnny jungle (pascal) – killa sound (krome and time remix)
jooxie nice and bagga worries – legalize (quiet storm remix)
sound of the future (dj ss) – THE LIGHTER (dj friendly mix)
remarc – rip (dj hype remix)
asylum (l double) – the bass II dark
krome and time – the licence (remix)
tom and jerry – maximum style (vip mix)
drs – everyman (dj monk remix)
hmp (pascal) – runninz
urban shakedown – some justice 95 (the arsonist full vocal mix)
88.3 – wishing on a star (urban shakedown full vocal mix)

b side
intense – prophecy – chronicles of intense vol 1 (still one of my favorite tunes ever)
omni trio – torn – volume 6
aquarius (photek) – drift to the centre
dj pulse – let you in
jmj and richie – free la funk
incubus (dj phantasy) – give it to me
pfm – the western tune
dj phantasy – relax (alex reece remix)
hidden agenda – is this love ? (another fuckin classic)
alex reece – pulp fiction
alex reece – i want you
photek – consciousness (i think ?)
i have absolutely no idea what the last tune on side B is, sorry


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