Telepathy Vol 3 1994

Someone took the time to rip every set from a Telepathy tape pack that was recorded on February 25th, 1994. The sound varies from rip to rip, but it’s an awesome piece of jungle nostalgia. The zip file is a whopping 630mb with 14 separate mp3s each averaging about 43 minutes each.

Sets (sound quality in parentheses):
Andy C (very good)
Ash Attack (poor)
Brockie (good)
Cool Hand Flex (very good)
Devious D (poor)
Funky Flirt (fair)
Grooverider (very good)
Jumpin Jack Frost (very good)
Kemistry (good)
DJ Rap (good)
Randall (good)
Ray Keith (good)
Rodney T (fair)
Val Pachino (fair)
MCs: Stevie Hyper D, Shabba D, Det, MC MC, Fats, Fantastic

Telepathy Vol 3 – 1994

It’s pretty cool to catch Grooverider rocking ragga jungle tunes (he starts his set with Demolition Man’s “Fire”) when that’s so far from the style of music he’s known for today. If you’ve ever listened to any UK tape packs then you’ll know that these guys are notorious for playing the same tracks multiple times through out the night. However, it’s still cool to hear the classics jammed out on dubplate 16 years ago.

Stevie Hyper (RIP) seems to be the primary MC on every set, but he’s not overbearing and killing the mix. Shabba checks in on a few but he’s not the same guy you hear today chatting to hear himself talk. Fats is doing his thing over Cool Hand Flex’s set and MC MC is only featured towards the end JJ Frost’s set. As far as I can tell Det’s familiar baritone isn’t anywhere on the recordings. I’ve never heard Fantastic so I couldn’t tell you where he fits in here.

Sound Quality: poor to very good
Filetype: zip/mp3
Size: 630mb
Time: about 43 min
Bitrate: 128k


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