A Guy Called Gerald – Essential Mix 10.7.95

http://player.soundcloud.com/player.swf?url=http%3A%2F%2Fsoundcloud.com%2Fwestheoperative%2Fa-guy-called-gerald-essential-mix-1995-10-07& A Guy Called Gerald – Essential Mix – 1995.10.07 by westheoperative

Sharon Forrester – “Love Inside” (London)
F.B.D. – “Just Visiting Mars” (Outstanding)
Lemon D – “Jah Love” (Conqueror)
Tom & Jerry – “On And On” (Reinforced)
Tek 9 – “Jus A Likkle Sumtin'” (Reinforced)
Nookie – “Only You” (Reinforced)
2G’s – “Energy” (Juicebox)
Internal Affairs – “In My Soul” (Reinforced)
Metalheadz – “Angel” (Metalheadz)
Doc Scott – “Far Away” (Metalheadz)
Goldie – “VIP Riders Ghost” (Metalheadz)
Waxdoctor – “Kid Caprice” (Metalheadz)
The Ballistic Brothers – “I’ll Fly Away” (Junior Boy’s Own)
Manix – “Intelligent Hoods” (Reinforced)
Cold Mission – “20 Below Zero” (Reinforced)
A Guy Called Gerald – “Darker Than I Should Be” (Juicebox)
A Guy Called Gerald – “Glock” (Juicebox)
A Guy Called Gerald – “Finley’s Rainbow” (Juicebox)
The Summit – “Project X” (Summit)
A Guy Called Gerald – “Heckle & Kosk” (Juicebox)
The Guyver – “Deep Cover” (Reinforced)
Majistrate – “Tell Me” (Intalektive)
Neil Trix – “She’s So” (F.D.B.)
Rufige Kru – “Menace” (Reinforced)
Primary Source – “Everyone’s A Gangsta” (Reinforced)
Unknown – “Amen Reprise” (Infra Red)
Comin’ On Strong – “Cold Mission” (Reinforced)
A Guy Called Gerald – “Sunshine” (Juicebox)

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