Sun City – Live @ Ayia Napa (UK Garage)

After Luck and Neat played Dallas in 2000, the floodgates for UK Garage acts opened. We were getting tour offers, requests to setup tours, and loads of promo mixes from all over the world. One of those mixes was a double CD recorded at a live Sun City event in Ayia Napa (the UKG’s scene equivalent of Ibizia).

The double CD features mixes from Ramsey & Fen and Martin Larner with MC’s Viper, PSG, and CKP. For those of you that might have an aversion to MC’s this group is actually pretty subdued and aren’t riding over the mix.

Martin Larner & Ramsey & Fen – Live @ Sun City Ayia Napa (2002)

Filetype: zip/mp3
Time: 78min per set
Size: 196mb
Bitrate: 256kbps

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