DJ Mel – The Smelly One

It would probably be a mistake to label DJ Mel as a purely hip-hop DJ because he’s much more than that…

This snippet from the Austin Chronicle will say it better than I ever will:
“A flawless mixer, Mel always makes it a point to demonstrate the similarities between divergent styles of music, whether segueing A Tribe Called Quest into Black Sabbath, or a 50 Cent a cappella track over a Nine Inch Nails instrumental. Brazen enough to make such musical leaps, Mel is a master of true party rocking.

An avid crate digger, Mel traverses the vinyl archives for anything apt to make people bug out – physically, mentally, emotionally. An admirer of like-minded national DJs such as Danny Krevit, The Rub, Haul & Mason and DJ Z-Trip, it’s no wonder unpredictability has become an asset for Mel as he continues on his quest to “put Austin on the map.”

Mel simply gets up in party people guts.

Check Myspace for tour/show news, his tour pics of Lollapalooza 2009 and his freely available catalog of mixes.

Personal Favorites:
The Funky Terrier Mix – YOU BETTA WIND YA CLOCK! A total funk and soul rinseout from the first track to the last.

Plug & Play Vol. 1 – “Unplanned, on the fly, and done in one take.” – Mel. Features some sexy soul, r&b, funk, and hip-hop…perfect music for cruising on a pretty day.

Z-Trip & DJ Mel – Live at Uprock Thursday – November 2001 – Partnered up with super star DJ Z-Trip for a set at Uprock in 2001. A party-rocking mashup of hip-hop, reggae, jungle, and rock standards.


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