Metal vs Drum&Bass Mashups

Long before I discovered the rave, I was into heavy metal and industrial music. My early influences ran the gamut from Pantera to Slayer to Ministry to KMFDM and everything in between. Listening to those bands is a primary reason drum&bass drew me in…it was dark, heavy, loud and in my opinion it might be the nearest dance music approximation to metal.

Now I’ve found a couple of mashup mixes via DOA and they have piqued my interest. Sure there have been plenty of other tracks that merged the two genres (Konflict – F’n Hostile and Concord Dawn – Raining Blood come to mind) but no ones bothered to create entire sets around the amalgamation.

A couple of quick points before you download/listen:
– This isn’t everyone’s cup of tea so if you’re not into one or both genres it might be best to skip it.
– The mix and edits in Cooh’s set are raw in some spots but keep an open ear and you’ll hear some potential (like the Ministry edit. Its sick).
– This is metal so expect some salty language.

Zardonic – Subcultonegro Studio Mix


01. Verminous – Intro
02. Zardonic – Conspiración De Los Muertos
03. Anaal Nathrakh – The Codex Necro (Zardonic Remix)
04. KC – Extreme Steel (Counterstrike Arena Remix)
05. Kalashnikov – Fucking
06. Concord Dawn – Raining Blood
07. Vortex Involute – FAQ
08. Voodoo Velkor – Hydra (Zardonic Remix)
09. The Berzerker – Caught In The Crossfire (Zardonic Remix)
10. Gorgoroth – Procreating Satan (Zardonic Remix)
11. Bathory – Equimanthorn (Zardonic Remix)
12. Dark Funeral – Atrium Regina (Zardonic Remix)
13. Nine Inch Nails – The Hand That Feeds (Zardonic Remix)
14. Zardonic – There Is No Law (ft. James Fogarty)
15. Zardonic – Perverse Suffering (Cannibal Corpse Cover)
16. Morbid Angel – Dawn Of The Angry (Zardonic Remix)
17. 15 Weeks – Lividity (Zardonic Remix)
18. Mind Shelter – B612 (Zardonic Remix)
19. XquicksilverX – 36 Hours (Zardonic Remix)
20. Arkhon Infaustus – Perdition Insanabilis (Zardonic Remix)
21. Zardonic – Panzerkrieg
22. Zardonic – Irreligious
23. Exhumed – A Song For The Dead

More of Zardonic Metal/DnB mixes can be found on his Myspace page and website.

Next up:

Cooh – Metal vs Drum&Bass Mix Cooh – Metal vs Drum & Bass mix by COOH


01.Iron Maiden VS Ogonek & Cooh – Scared Of The Dark
02.Rammstein VS Cooh – Sonne Contact
03.Slayer VS Current Value – Dark Raining Blood
04.KC – Extreme Steel (Counterstrike Remix)
05.Ministry VS The Panacea & Raiden – Connect The TV
06.System Of A Down VS Lucio De Rimanez – Lord Of The Sugar
07.Manowar VS Cooh & The Outsider Agency – The Keepers of Metal
08.Sepultura – Straighthate (Zardonic Remix)
09.Slipknot VS Cooh – Wait And Duuure
10.Deftones VS Cooh – Shoved Vret
11.Clawfinger VS Ogonek – What You Say
12.Ministry VS Cooh, Breaker & Silent Killer – Galaxy Thieves
13.Hatebreed VS Cooh – Live For Ventil
14.Metallica VS Zany & Cooh – Everything Else Matters
15.System Of A Down VS Current Value – Chop The New Life
16.Korn VS Current Value – You Need A Clown
17.Rammstein VS Cooh – Maine Smile
18.Edge Of Sanity VS Cooh – Twilight Blast
19.The Gathering VS Cooh & Broken Note – Saturn Retox


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